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Jack finds Billy at Jimmy's Bar and blasts him for including the story about Patty in his fight with the Newmans.

Billy defends his fight but Jack announces he's done with him.

Victor assures Abby that he will be back in town for her and asks her to be a good teacher to Faith.

After the teen leaves, Ashley tells Victor that while she blames him for what happened with Patty and Colleen, she shares some of the blame for their failed marriage.

Jack finds Victor with Ashley and defends his visit with his sister. Ashley assures Jack that she's not getting back together with her husband.

Victor and Jack exchange bitter words as they say their goodbyes.

After telling her mother it's romantic for her to leave town with Victor, Victoria confesses that she did cheat on J.T.

Hearing she hasn't talked about it with her husband, Nikki urges her to daughter to do just that.

Victoria tries to talk with J.T. about why she slept with Deacon but Deacon interrupts, complaining about Billy's article. J.T. guesses Deacon's behind it.

Left alone, J.T. writes a note telling Victoria he's taking the job in New York. Sharon has fun when Adam stops by, wearing a mask.

She invites him to have some wine with her and enjoys listening to him talk about how Hope celebrated the fun holiday.

Abby's friend Daisy helps them both sneak into the party at Jimmy's Bar in time to see Victoria punch Billy. Nick's not pleased to see Adam handing out candy at Sharon's. Nikki interrupts Jack and Victor as they bicker.

A gloating Jack admits he faked the diary to set up Victor in hopes h would go to jail. After Jack chastises Nikki for choosing Victor over Paul, Victor warns Jack he'll get even with him.

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