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Nick advises Phyllis that Sharon's baby died. He leaks that it was his baby, not Jack's.

Phyllis realizes he met her at the airport before she left for Switzerland so he could tell her the truth about the paternity.

She urges him to go tell others if he needs to do this to grieve for his loss. Nick explains he needs Summer to get healthy again.

An angry Billy interrupts and tells them that Victor is going to get Colleen's heart.

He suggests they go find the other Newmans and celebrate. Warning that he's getting weaker, Adam urges Ashley to show Victor his baby.

Victor thanks Jack for allowing him to have Colleen's heart. Jack then tells Nikki that Traci has okayed the transplant.

Jack returns to Traci and Abby who isn't sure what to do. Alone with Colleen, Jack regrets the endless fight he's had with Victor.

Rafe advises Sharon that once she is feeling better, she can go home.

Ashley embraces Nikki tightly when she runs into her and then introduces Victor to their daughter.

She explains that she decided to name her Faith and then announces she's going back to her family.

As she leaves, Nikki thanks her from bringing the baby to Victor.

Victoria watches as J.T. says goodbye to Colleen and tenderly kisses her hand. Kay hears Billy raging in the chapel and urges him to grieve for Colleen. She also sends him to say goodbye to her.

While Victor is saying goodbye to his family before surgery, Traci is the last person left with Colleen before she is wheeled into the OR.

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