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Bill talks with Jack and Noah about Colleen before leaving to make funeral arrangements. Chance spots him and sends Chloe to offer condolences.

Chance questions Chloe about Billy and she decides to get her divorce going starting tomorrow. Chance then invites her to the Harvest Festival.

Complaining about his lowly position at Jabot and the "family" decision made about Colleen's heart, Billy decides to resign from Jabot.

Sharon calls Noah and asks him to meet her. Waiting for word about Victor, Nick tells Victoria that Sharon's baby died in childbirth.

Nikki talks with Phyllis about Nick's baby and when Phyllis explains why she's not upset he waited so long to tell her, Nikki is impressed with the way she's handling this.

Jack accompanies Noah to see her mother and learns about the baby.

Surprised that Noah still thinks he was the father, Jack questions Sharon who admits she didn't want to anger her son again and possibly lose him. Noah returns and when he offers his support, she decides to tell him the truth about her baby's paternity.

In front of J.T., Phyllis apologizes to Victoria for badmouthing Victor because of what happened to Summer.

J.T.'s surprised and wants to talk with his wife about their marriage but Victoria claims this isn't the time.

Ashley introduces Nick to her new baby Faith.

Stopping by to see his sister and new niece, Jack reveals to Phyllis that Sharon asked him not to tell her the truth about the baby's paternity because she knew that Summer needed Nick.

The surgeon advises the Newman family that the transplant surgery was a success.

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