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Jeffrey confirms to Lauren and Michael that he and Gloria are broke. Deacon tells Gloria about the painting. She stuns him with the news that Tom never actually had it and calls it one of his scams.

Deacon claims Ryder knows where he hid it and explains that she just needs to go fetch it since he's already found a buyer for it.

Warned the FBI might get a search warrant, Gloria decides she'll help him.

Seeing the two of them together, Jana warns Daniel and agrees with Kevin in thinking Deacon wouldn't do this if the painting wasn't in the safety deposit box.

While Jana practices Gloria's signature, Daniel forges it perfectly and considers the task of posing as Kevin's mother.

Michael interrupts but they won't admit what they're planning.

Jeffrey overhears Deacon assigning Gloria to a specific bank in Detroit.

Esther warns Chloe that Chance seems to be falling for her but Chloe claims they're just having fun together.

Murphy advises Phillip that if he's still feeling like an outsider, it's nothing they're doing. Nina worries to Phillip about Chloe using Chance.

Nina then insults Chloe in front of Chance who chastises his mother for interfering.

Tired of everyone talking about her, a frustrated Jill writes Kay a check to cover the real estate tax owed.

After she leaves, Murphy notices she didn't sign the check so Kay finds the address of the nail salon and confronts Jill, demanding she sign the check.

In Detroit, a disguised Amber poses as Gloria but it's Daniel's quick thinking and accurate signature that gets her and Kevin into the bank vault.

As they go, the real Gloria arrives.

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