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Nick forces Sharon to confirm that she is pregnant with his baby.

She explains why she kept this secret and reveals that Jack knows the truth. He decides that he can't walk away from this.

Nick insists on telling Phyllis but then finds he can't leave because of a look-down at the facility.

Victor is there to comfort Ashley after another nightmare. She cries that Sabrina is trying to take him from her.

Adam hears this and offers to call Dr. Taylor but Victor sends him back to his room. Victor then reminds Ashley that Sabrina is dead but she insists that she has seen her in the house.

He shows her newspaper clippings about Sabrina's death while Adam secretly listens from upstairs. Adam later tries to convince Ashley that Victor is wrong but she kicks him out of her room.

As Paul and Chance argue about who caused the power failure, an officer reports that two nuns were spotted leaving the church earlier.

Paul points out there are no nuns associated with the church. When Paul tries to stop Chance from putting out an APB on Patty, Chance arrests him.

Paul tells Jack why he thinks Victor brought his sister to Genoa City. Meanwhile, Jeffrey drives Gloria, Patty and her new kitten away in a van.

Gloria assures their captive that they will take her someplace safe until she can marry Jack.

As sirens wail, Patty cries out for milk for her pet.

Jack talks with Phyllis about Mary Jane and when he mentions the kiss, Phyllis guesses Mary Jane was responsible for Summer's allergic reaction to peanuts while Jack warns that it's likely Victor brought her to town.

Nick calls Phyllis but his call suffers from a terrible cell signal as the mental facility suddenly loses power.

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