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Here's what went down on Total Divas Season 3 Episode 7...

  • Nikki grew devastated to find out a secret that John has been keeping from her. What was it? He's had a nude scene in a movie!
  • Rosa suddenly realized she competing for the attention of an NFL player.
  • Nattie's unsavory comments to a reporter prompted TJ to take an extreme action.

Meanwhile, Nattie finds a vibrator in Rosa’s bad, a discovery that doesn’t exactly make her happy. She proceeds to be peeved when she later sees an outfit in which Rosa plans to go out. It doesn't leave much to any kind of imagination.

"I've always dressed kind of naked," Rosa said in response, as millions of male viewers saw nothing wrong with this.

Finally, John suggests that Nikki is insecure after he admits to his upcoming sex scene, actually telling her that "maybe I'm not with the right woman." OUCH!!!

Later, though, Nikki and John go out for lunch after he returns from shooting his film and he apologizes for not being upfront with her from the start about what it entailed. He admits that he handled the situation incorrectly and we end with these two stronger as a couple than ever before.

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