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When another Bon Temps woman, Dawn, is found dead, Jason Stackhouse is again brought into custody.  Sookie tries to use her ability to find the real killer and goes with Bill to Fangtasia, a vampire bar.  While there, Sookie meets Eric, a thousand-year-old Viking vampire, and rescues them from a police raid of the bar.  Meanwhile, while being brought in, Jason consumes a vial of Vampire juice and has to go into the hospital when his erection lasts too long.  Tara goes with him and even lies on his behalf to be his alibi.

True Blood
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True Blood Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Sookie: Jason, you look me in the eye and you tell me the truth. Did you kill Dawn?
Jason: What? No. Sookie... Look, when Maudette died I thought I might of done it, and it turned out I didn't. With Dawn, I don't even think I might have done it, so I know I didn't

Sookie: I'm sorry if I got you into any trouble tonight.
Bill: Don't apologize. We vampires are always in some kind of trouble. I'd prefer to be in it with you