After turning Jessica into a vampire, she turns out to be more than Bill and Eric can handle.  Sookie tries to investigate the murder by using the recent vision she had in her head.  Sookie heads to a local pie shop with Sam to investigate the murdered waitress.  She uses her talent to get information about the victim's brother from a police officer. 

Jason helps clean up Amy's mess from killing a vampire, but is unable to leave her.  Eventually she is found dead and he's brought back in for murder.  

When a drunk driving Tara gets arrest, her mother refuses to bail her out, but a "social worker" named Maryann comes to the rescue.  Lafayette goes to visit the senator that's been paying him for sex that comes out against Vampires and homosexuals.

True Blood
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True Blood Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Bill: She won't listen to me. It will take more time than I have to teach her obedience.
Jessica: I don't obey anybody, those days are over!
Eric: Can't handle one little girl, Bill? New ones can be like this. Man up my friend, she is not even one night old

I am so happy and proud to shake the hand of someone with your values. Too often we're governed by criminals and hypocrites. Don't you agree? But I can tell you're a man of virtues and I applaud the effort you're making against the poor and disenfranchised. Especially the vampires and the gays. So many things can happen to bring down a person such as yourself. You might wanna be careful

Lafayette [while shaking the senator's hand]