Jodie Foster as Officer Danvers - True Detective Season 4 Episode 6
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The investigation into the Tsalal deaths and the murder of Annie Kowtok delivered many surprises along the way.

But nothing could have prepared us for the finale of True Detective: Night Country.

The episode begins with Danvers and Navarro discovering a laboratory inside an underground cave.

They find prime suspect Raymond Clark lurking there and realize that the lab exists as part of the Tsalal station.

Danvers and Navarro are able to apprehend and interrogate Clark, who eventually reveals that the Tsalal crew was encouraging the mine to create more pollution in order to enhance their research.

He also reveals Annie K. was murdered by the Tsalal crew when she destroyed their work, but he falsely claims that he wasn't involved in the killing.

After Clark runs out into the cold and dies, Danvers has a near-death experience of her own when she falls through the ice.

Navarro rescues her and reveals that she's able to commune with Danvers' late son.

The detectives pay a visit to Blair and Bee, the fish cannery employees who also worked as janitorial staff at the Tsalal station.

Bee reveals that the Iñupiaq women of Ennis killed the Tsalal men, possibly with an assist from the ghost of Annie K.

The detectives opt not to arrest the women, and they instead chalk the Tsalsl deaths up to an avalanche.

Danvers successfully explains away the events of this season while being interrogated by investigators, and we close on a shot of her and Navarro enjoying the solitude of a lane house.

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All those years. All that potential to do so much good, she just obliterated it.