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The episode opens with Alan on the phone with Melissa apologizing for making out with her mother... he blames it on being high.  Meanwhile, Charlie jokes about being in the successful relationship until Chelsea borrows his phone and discovers naked pictures of another girl.  Chelsea leaves him and Alan goes to pick up Jake and leaves with Herb after he makes a dumb joke that gets him kicked out. 

Somehow it seems like Jake is the only one in a functional relationship when he takes out the neighbor girl, Celeste for a date.  Her father, Jerome (Michael Clarke Duncan) comes over and joins the pathetic group of guys who sit around drinking and reminiscing about their sexual exploits.  The group is now Charlie, Alan, Herb and Jerome.  When the pizza guy comes to deliver a pizza, they end up inviting him and it's just too much for Charlie.

Charlie takes off to apologize to Chelsea and in front of her calls the girl and say he's engaged and to stop sending the pics.  He goes to delete the pics but delays himself to imprint the pictures.  She slams the door in his face.  He goes back home to to the guys singing a capella and immediately returns to Chelsea's.

The episode title refers to Judith's two finger rule about how Herb and previously Alan had to trim their eyebrows.  Charlie says Chelsea has her own two finger rule...

Two and a Half Men
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Two and a Half Men Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

Charlie: Sure you don't want a drink?
Alan: Nah, when I'm depressed alcohol just makes me feel worse
Charlie: Yeah, same. The trick is to drink past that. It's not a sprint, it's a marathon

Chelsea: Do you want to explain to me why this woman is sending naked pictures of herself?
Charlie: I'd love to explain it
Chelse: ... go ahead
Charlie: I said I'd love to, I didn't say I could