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When Jake starts hanging out with a new friend from school, Eldritch (Graham Patrick Martin), Alan is initially excited that Jake is friends with one of the popular kids.  However, soon Alan realizes Eldritch is a bad influence when the boys steal some beers and drink on the beach.  An enraged Alan wants to give the boy's mother, Lyndsay (Courtney  Thorne-Smith) a piece of his mind, until he sees how hot the woman is.  Soon she calls him for a date and the two end up sleeping together in the restaurant.

Back at home, a drunk Charlie is trying to write the theme song for a lame new Nick show and struggles.  He lets Jake and Eldritch sneak back outside with some girls, despite Jake being grounded, in exchange for the kids listening to his new jingle.  He also manages to cover for Alan, so Jake doesn't find out his boinking his friend's mom.

Two and a Half Men
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Two and a Half Men Season 7 Episode 19 Quotes

And you call yourself a drummer. Keith Moon is vomitting in his grave.


Charlie: Who the hell are you?
Jake: Oh, this is my friend Eldrige, he plays that drums.
Charlie: Okay, that explains the attitude.
Eldridge: What, are you ragging on my name?
Charlie: No, I'm ragging on your instrument, now beat it.