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When Jake runs a red light after Charlie's encouragement, they swap seats so Jake won't get in trouble.  It turns out Charlie has plenty of unpaid parking tickets and a bench warrant out for him.  After getting arrested, Charlie loses his license and Jake is forced to drive him around.

Meanwhile, Alan gets invited to Chelsea's birthday party and plans on attending.  Charlie is initially angry at the idea, but later tells Alan he has to go or Chelsea will think he didn't go because Charlie wouldn't let him.

Drunk Charlie, who already bought Chelsea's birthday present months ago, makes Jake drive him to the party so he can give the present.  Last second he decides he doesn't want to see Chelsea and sends Jake in with the present.

Chelsea ends up coming outside for fresh air and Charlie tries to drive away so she won't see him and ends up crashing into a cop car.  The episode ends with Charlie having to do 3-6 months of community service and Jake driving him around.

Two and a Half Men
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Two and a Half Men Season 7 Episode 21 Quotes

Jake: I like German cars.
Charlie: Well if keep your nose clean and work hard, you may be able to park them for a living.

Alan: ...and maybe Saturday, a date.
Charlie: You're calling those magazines dates now?