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Chris wants another baby this week and goes all out to sell his case to Reagan. Reagan is busy at work though competing with Luke for Yvonne's praise. Ava tries her hand at being a mentor but has difficulty connecting with her little sister. Chris gets some advice on how to woo Reagan from his teammate but Reagan is too consumed with work to be susceptible to Chris's tactics. Yvonne has plans for Ava's network but Reagan over estimates her relationship with the mogul. Chris makes a video to plead his case for another baby with Reagan but Ava urges them to relish what they have at the moment. 

Up All Night
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Up All Night Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Reagan: How's my breath?
Ava: I give it a B, it could be better.

Reagan: If the first James Bond and the last James Bond had a baby, it would be you.
Chris: I feel like you're just saying that cause I said it in the car.