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We're back at the bodies who were recovered at the reservoir. Most of those recovered have been wiped as if they've never had an imprint before. At all.

At Shogun World, it's a freaking mess. Sizemore is finally figuring out what's going on. Shogun was created for those guests who thought Westworld was too tame.

Maeve has no vocal voodoo and spoke the wrong language. She's gagged.

By the time they get into town, Painted Black is playing. I can't tell if it's playing everywhere or just here.

It's the equivalent of them. 

Wyatt and Teddy are in Sweetwater. It's a mess.

There is a ninja attack during which Maeve tells one of them with her mind to go kill himself.

Musashi confronts Captain Tanaka with Armistice and Hector behind him. I think Maeve, Akane, and Sakura disappear.

Wyatt talks about blue tongue killing their cattle one year. Teddy gives the wrong answer to what he would have done to the infected cattle. Daddy burned them. The herd lived.

While they're on the road, Sizemore stops to pee and takes a radio thing from a log.

When they get to the Shogun, he is leaking cortical fluid and wants Akane on display that night. When Akane steps up to stand up for Sakura, she's lassoed into dancing that night, too. 

The train will be ready to go in the morning. Angela shows up to say they'll be going to the mesa. 

Teddy and Wyatt make love.

The Shogun has burned a cherry blossom tree into Sakura's back.

Wyatt doesn't think Teddy will make it. She changes his makeup drastically.

When Sakura is killed by the Shogun, Takane dances for him and kills him with one of her hair sticks.

When Takane and Maeve are then brought in front of the men for death, Maeve's mental telepathy takes over and she instructs the entire place to kill each other.


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Westworld Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Shit! Ninjas! Oh, fucking hell!


And if you're asking if you can trust Akane, the real question is if you can trust yourself.