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Alex goes to meet with Neal and he tells her that if she helps him then he will hand it over - when he is done with it. Alex agrees only if Neal ‘

Kimberly Rice came in to ask Neal for help.  A girl named Lindsay was abducted for ransom. Her father is the president of a huge company.

Ryan Wilkes apparently abducted her for a ransom. Agent Rice wants Neal so the chief grants this against Peter’s best wishes.

Neal and Rice go to meet with Lindsay’s father. Neal tries to take the lead to investigate him and Rice shuts him down.

Peter is worried about the meeting so goes to the crime scene. He and Neal find a club stub on the floor. They tell Rice who makes Neal go to the club undercover.

Peter finds out that Rice sets up Neal as bait, but it is too late. Wilkes abducts Neal and makes him be the front man in his next operation at a travel agency.

Wilkes gives Neal two minutes at the travel agency to get the information. While Neal is completing the mission he is able to send Mozzie a message who relates it to Peter.

When Peter confronts Rice about it, she tells him that her decision to set Neal up was because it was her only lead. Peter’s boss tells Rice that she is no longer in charge and will now have to report to Peter as her boss on this case.

Neal has one last mission before Wilkes will let him go – to rob Edward Riley. He has to steal the briefcase. Peter shows up and tells him that he still hasn’t found Lindsay.  Mozzie shows up and tells him that they can make Riley hand over the case.

Neal and Mozzie pretend to be apart of the FBI and get Riley to hand over the case.  Peter and the team have yet to find Lindsay.

Just before they are about to kill her the FBI barge in and save the day. Wilkes is mad and is about to take out Neal when the FBI snipers come and arrest Wilkes.

No one puts Neal’s ankle bracelet on and he sneaks off and meets with Alex.  He finds out that the music box is in town.

Neal goes back to the FBI headquarters and Peter tells him he knows what he is up to. If he steal’s the music box, he will go back to jail and it is up to Neal whether he wants to wear the orange jumpsuit again or stay out here and make a difference.

White Collar
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White Collar Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Whatever I did I have proof I didn't do it.


Loose the blinking jewelry and you will get what you need.