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Matthew Keller, Neal’s long-time rival, attempts to cut a deal to stay at Hawthorne prison rather than transferring to Barksdale super-max by offering to give up information important to national security. Keller wants Peter and Neal to investigate Jason Lang, Keller’s partner in a past forgery, which is actually a setup during which Peter gets kidnapped.

Neal hands over a 2.5 million dollar ring he was keeping for Kate to save Peter, telling Mozzie that saving Peter’s life is more important than trying to keep it to honor someone who’s not anymore. During his incarceration, Peter manages to get a message to Neal to stop Keller’s transfer, but the message comes too late to stop Keller from going free. In a clever last stitch effort to help Peter escape from kidnappers in the garment district, Neal and the FBI field office attempt to help him with a prison break over the phone, which allows them to not only get Peter out alive, but capture Jason Lang as well.

Keller, however, is still on the loose.

White Collar
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White Collar Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

We're both running out of options, Caffrey, your move.


Peter [about Keller]:: He's a little bit more Ratso Rizzo than Cary Grant.
Neal: I'm Cary Grant?
Peter: Only in comparison to Ratso Rizzo.