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Hardy vs. Jericho
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We kick off SmackDown with Teddy Long introducing Rey Mysterio. He talks about being home on SmackDown. He calls Jeff Hardy the better man and invites anyone to challenge him for the Intercontinental Championship.

From there, Chris Jericho comes out. He demands a title match against Mysteriom who responds by pushing him to the ground. Rey leaves and Jeff Hardy enters. He says Jericho has to beat him to get a title match. The main event is set!

- Mike Knox defeats R-Truth. Knox hits a kick to the face of R-Truth, hits his finisher, and wins via pinfall.

- Michelle McCool w/Alicia Fox defeats Gail Kim. McCool hits a body face plant finisher for the victory.

- John Morrison defeats Charlie Haas w/Shelton Benjamin. Morrison connects with a spinning move off the ropes and pins Haas for the win.

- CM Punk defeats Edge. Electric chair attempt by Edge is reversed; Edge gets thrown outside and walks away. CM Punk gets the win via countout. (Lame!)

After the match, Umaga comes out of the crowd and nails Punk with a kick, followed by a Samoan Spike.

- Cryme Tyme hosts an arm wrestling match between Eve and Layla. Eve wins. Layla attacks her.

- The Great Khali defeats Dolph Ziggler. Dolph hits Khali with a chair repeatedly, gets DQ'd.

- CM Punk vs. Umaga is announced for Judgment Day.

- Jeff Hardy defeats Chris Jericho. Mysterio comes out; Jericho throws Hardy into Edge’s lap (he's on commentary). Edge then distracts Jericho and Hardy rolls him up for a two-count. Hardy finally hits Twist of Fate followed but a Swanton Bomb for the win.

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