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This week on Smackdown, the main event for this month's No Way Out pay-per-view grew into sharper focus.

Here's a match recap from the taping:

- Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Vladimir Kozlov won a battle royal.

- Hurricane Helms and Matt Hardy fought over what Matt did to Jeff. Matt takes care of the caped crusader.

- MVP defeated Shelton Benjamin. (U.S. Title was not on the line.)

- The Miz, John Morrison and The Brian Kendrick defeated Primo, Carlito and R-Truth.

- Michelle McCool defeated Eve Torres.

- Umaga destroyed Kung Fu Naki. (Are we really stuck with more Umaga squashes for the next few weeks?)

- Triple H and The Undertaker defeated Edge and The Big Show when the latter on Edge.

Current Elimination Chamber match for Smackdown at No Way Out is: Edge vs. Triple H vs. Undertaker vs. Big Show vs. Vladimir Kozlo.

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