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This week's Friday Night SmackDown opens with Jeff Hardy entering the ring to address CM Punk’s comments from the week before.

CM Punk interrupts. He refers to Jeff as a "joke" and asks him how many tests and classes he failed in school. Hardy attacks Punk after he claims all of Jeff’s fans will become a statistic.

- John Morrison defeats CM Punk; Morrison gets the win with the rollup.

- Kane defeats R-Truth; After the match, Great Khali comes out and Kane flees through the crowd.

- The Hart Dynasty defeats Cryme Tyme and Eve Torres in a Mixed Tag Team Match; Natalya gets the pin on Eve.

- Edge is interviewed. He says he’ll do everything to get back in the ring, following surgery on his torn Achilles. Chris Jericho interrupts and calls Edge pathetic. Crowd is behind Edge.

- Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy defeat Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler via DQ.

With CM Punk at the announcing table, he tosses Jericho to Hardy and the referee calls for the bell. Punk walks to the back as Hardy gets locked in Wall of Jericho.

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