Punk vs. Mysterio
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The show opens with an in-ring promo from Jeff Hardy and CM Punk. Each hype themselves up for the main event match at the upcoming pay-per-view. They agree that the better man will be champion after The Bash.

- Jeff Hardy defeated Chris Jerchio via countout. The finish came when Rey Mysterio interferred to attack Y2K, leaving him out of the ring.

- Dolph Ziggler defeated The Great Khali by DQ. Does anyone care about this match? Short, not very good. Ziggler caused the DQ when he tricked Khali into using a steel chair.

- Melina defeated Alicia Fox. After the match, Michelle McCool attacked Melina.

- Edge defeated John Morrison. Cleav victory via the spear.

- Cryme Tyme and R-Truth defeated. The World's Greatest Tag Team and Ricky Ortiz. R-Truth got the clean pin over Shelton Benjamin.

- Mysterio vs. Jericho is set up for The Bash.

- CM Punk defeated Rey Mysterio. Jericho is on commentary and interferes. Punk then gets Mysterio with the GTS for the victory

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