Jeff vs. John
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Jeff Hardy comes out to a massive pop to start Smackdown. He addresses the audience by saying this's a dream come true to hold the belt again.

He then mentions John Morrison and says he plans to give him a fight because his title reign was too short last time. Hence Morrison vs. Hardy is announced as the main event.

- Cryme Tyme defeats The Hart Dynasty to earn a match with Chris Jericho and The Big Show at SummerSlam.

- Melina and Eve defeat Michelle McCool and Layla.

- Rey Mysterio and Finlay defeat Dolph Ziggler abd Mike Knox; Rey gets the win via pinfall on Ziggler.

- The Great Khali vs. Charlie Haas ends in no contest when Kane comes out and distracts Khali.

- Jeff Hardy defeats John Morrison to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

After the match CM Punk comes out, clapping his hands. He raises Jeff’s hand, pretends to cut a promo and then hits Hardy in the head with the microphone.

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