The Cutting Edge
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Friday Night SmackDown kicks off with Triple H and Vickie Guerrero in the ring. The grappler apologizes... but then shows the crowd the “nude” photos of her anyway.

Matt Hardy & Finlay defeats Jack Swagger and Mark Henry
; Hardy got the win via pinfall on Jack Swagger after hitting Twist of Fate.

R-Truth defeats The Brian Kendrick
- R-Truth gets a big pop. After the match, Ezekiel Jackson attacks Truth.

MVP defeats The Big Show
; MVP got the win after Triple H hit Big Show with a sledgehammer.

Michelle McCool defeats Victoria
; After the match Victoria, announces her retirement from WWE.

The Cutting Edge is up next. Edge invites out Jeff Hardy. As he enters his pyro blows up in his face and he is stretchered out (obviously a work). This ends this week’s edition of SmackDown.

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