Punk vs. Morrison
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CM Punk kicks off Smackdown with a promo. He goes off on Jeff Hardy until Theodore Long interrupts and sets up a match between Punk and John Morrison for later in the night.

- Dolph Ziggler defeats Finlay. After the match, Mike Knox beats down Finlay.

Kane holds Ranjin Sing captive backstage. Does anyone care at all about this angle?

- CM Punk defeats John Morrison via pinfall.

- Melina defeats Layla.

- Big Show (with Chris Jericho) defeats Shad (with JTG).

The Great Khali is shown saving Ranjin Singh from Kane. Kane attacks him with a lead pipe.

Tyson Kidd and DH Smith defeat Jeff Hardy. CM Punk and John Morrison come out. Morrison cleans house, as Matt Hardy flies into the ring and takes out CM Punk. The Hardys and Morrison celebrate to end the show.

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