11 Things We NEED to See in Agent Carter Season 2

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Marvel's Agent Carter Season 1 was an interesting look into the life of Captain America's lady love, Peggy Carter and her career working with the SSR after the war had ended. 

Peggy instantly became a hit with fans because of her endless charm and kick ass fighting skills. 

While Marvel's Agent Carter Season 1 was a bit unfocused, relying heavier on relationships between characters than the actual overarching story of trying to clear Howard Stark of treason, Season 2 will (hopefully) correct that and tighten up those unfocused plots. 

Season 2 will pick up with Peggy and her partner, Mr. Jarvis, heading to Los Angeles to help Daniel Sousa investigate Isodyne Energy.

Many familiar faces will return (Thompson! Howard Stark! Dottie!) and we're excited to see some new faces join the Agent Carter universe (Ana! Whitney Frost!). 

What are some of the things we're hoping to see when Marvel's Agent Carter returns? Here are just a few! 

Marvel's Agent Carter returns with two new episodes on Tuesday, January 19 at 9/8c on ABC. 

1. The Backstory of Margaret Carter

The Backstory of Margaret Carter
We know her love story with Captain America and it continues to shatter our hearts. We know who she eventually becomes, and how important she is to the future Marvel Universe. What we don’t know is how exactly she came to be involved in the war to begin with, how she grew up, or nearly anything about her family. It would be really wonderful to learn more about Peggy and how she became such an amazing hero.

2. As Many Mentions of Angie As Possible

As Many Mentions of Angie As Possible
Lyndsy Fonseca isn’t going to be stealing scenes as Angie, Peggy’s best gal pal, this season and fans couldn’t be more upset. The rumor is that we will see her in a dream sequence at least once, but it seems almost unfair that Peggy would move to Los Angeles without the wannabe actress!

3. A Possible Peggy and Daniel Romance

A Possible Peggy and Daniel Romance
Season 1 ended on Sousa asking Peggy out for a drink, an offer which she declined, much to the frustration of many viewers. Many believe that Daniel may be the husband Peggy mentions in Captain America: Winter Soldier, something we’d love to see the seeds of, if this is actually the case.

4. The Return of Dottie

The Return of Dottie
Seeing Black Widow make her debut was one of the highlights of Agent Carter Season 1. Peggy may have outsmarted the Russian beauty, but the door was definitely left open for a Dottie return. Spoiler alert: we're definitely going to see her return in Season 2, and we're already imagining the amazing fight she and Peggy are going to have.

5. More Peggy and Jarvis Scenes

More Peggy and Jarvis Scenes
These two are such a fun and entertaining pair to watch fighting crime together. Their relationship is the heart of Agent Carter. These two are the perfect partners in crime, an unlikely duo that stand up to the biggest adversaries with comical dialogue and a deep respect for one another. Any episode that includes a Peggy and Jarvis heart-to-heart is a wonderful episode.

6. The Creation of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Creation of S.H.I.E.L.D.
We know that Peggy is one of the founders of the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization and while we don’t know exactly when Agent Carter will tackle that story, we’ve got our fingers crossed that we begin to see those seeds sewn this season. Who doesn’t want to see that first meeting of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Divison?

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