13 Minor Characters We Adore

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Some characters steal the spotlight, while others are content in the shadows.

Minor characters -- those who don't have much screen time -- sometimes steal our hearts. Even though they don't do much on-screen, there's no question that our favorite shows wouldn't be the same without them.

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Here are some of the minor characters we adore. 

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1. Danny Dixon - A Million Little Things

Danny Dixon - A Million Little Things
A Million Little Things deals with a ton of heavy topics, and the Dixon family is in disarray after Jon's suicide, but Danny brings some much needed lightness in all of his scenes with "Uncle Gary", who is really just a big kid at heart.

2. Missy Cooper - Young Sheldon

Missy Cooper - Young Sheldon
Missy might be living in her brilliant twin's shadow, but she steals every scene she's in with her snarky comments or her ability to revel in her ignorance. We're grateful there's one semi-normal kid in the Cooper household!

3. Phyllis - Murphy Brown

Phyllis - Murphy Brown
Every workplace comedy needs a wisecracking bartender, and Murphy Brown's Phyllis is among the best. She's not afraid to stand up to any unruly, rude, or bigoted customer, and since she's played by Cagney and Lacey's Tyne Daly, she gets double points for referencing her past life as a New York City police officer!

4. Grover Johnson - The Neighborhood

Grover Johnson - The Neighborhood
Little Grover was dragged to a new neighborhood -- and a conflict between his dad and their next door neighbor. He often doesn't do much except be cute, but even surly Calvin can't help smiling around him. And neither can we!

5. Melinda Warner - Law & Order: SVU

Melinda Warner - Law & Order: SVU
The SVU detectives don't always consult the medical examiner when they're investigating a case, but when they do, she always provides invaluable information. Plus Tamara Tunie imbues her with such humanity despite the clinical nature of her job.

6. Beverly Hofstadter - Big Bang Theory

Beverly Hofstadter - Big Bang Theory
Beverly Hofstadter is one of those deliciously obnoxious characters that we love in small doses! Christine Barinski plays Leonard's demanding mother to perfection and we're grateful for it!

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