21 Times Nolan Ross Was THE BEST

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He's Emily Thorne's sidekick in crime and revenging. He's smart, hot, and definitely well-dressed.

Here are 21 times Nolan Ross was THE BEST! As if we needed any proof...

1. Emily's Bestie Nolan Ross - Revenge

Emily's Bestie Nolan Ross - Revenge
Nolan Ross is Emily Thorne's bestie in crime and revenging. That's just one of the reasons he's the absolute best.

2. Nolan Loves Bad Girls - Revenge

Nolan Loves Bad Girls - Revenge
Nolan has a thing for bad girls (and boys). He clearly approves of Emily's bad girl ways.

3. Meta Mugshot Nolan - Revenge

Meta Mugshot Nolan - Revenge
This might be the very best fashion statement Nolan Ross has ever made in the history of Revenge. Wearing his own mugshot gets major points from us!

4. Nolan Sizes Aiden Up - Revenge

Nolan Sizes Aiden Up - Revenge
Nolan Ross is the #1 man in Emily's life, but that doesn't mean he can't make room for others in their revenge plans.

5. Serious Sidekick - Revenge

Serious Sidekick - Revenge
Nolan Ross is one serious sidekick. Emily couldn't pull off half her revenging without his help.

6. Nolan Ross In the Ring - Revenge

Nolan Ross In the Ring - Revenge
Remember that time Nolan got sweaty inside the ring? That made some of us sweat in our living rooms.

7. Nolan Approves - Revenge

Nolan Approves - Revenge
Nolan Ross knows how to give congratulations when they're due. Bravo, Nolan! Bravo indeed.

8. Computer Geek Nolan - Revenge

Computer Geek Nolan - Revenge
No one makes opening a laptop look as sexy as Nolan Ross does. SWOON!

9. Rebound Nolan - Revenge

Rebound Nolan - Revenge
Nobody takes rebounding from a failed relationship quite as seriously as Nolan Ross. Don't kill his vibe, yo.

10. Disgusted Nolan - Revenge

Disgusted Nolan - Revenge
If facial expressions speak a thousand words, it's clear from this one that Nolan Ross is disgusted by something, and he's not afraid to show it.

11. Snarky Nolan - Revenge

Snarky Nolan - Revenge
Nolan Ross knows that no one is innocent in this game of Revenge. His snark is one of the reasons we love him.

12. Meta Nolan - Revenge

Meta Nolan - Revenge
If Revenge were a show in Nolan Ross's world, do you think he would watch it? Yes or no?

13. Smirking Nolan - Revenge

Smirking Nolan - Revenge
Nobody on television smirks half as well as Nolan Ross. Except Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries. These two should have a smirk-off.

14. Disappointed Nolan - Revenge

Disappointed Nolan - Revenge
Yeah, we were pretty much all disappointed by Phantom Menace, Nolan. You're in good company.

15. Sassy Nolan - Revenge

Sassy Nolan - Revenge
Nolan's not afraid to get sassy when he needs to! Now zip it (and keep flipping through this gallery)!

16. Seductive Nolan - Revenge

Seductive Nolan - Revenge
We're not sure Nolan knew he was seducing Patrick when he set out to get close to Victoria's son, but that's definitely what he did. And he looked good doing it.

17. Smizing Nolan - Revenge

Smizing Nolan - Revenge
Remember Nolan's tryst with Tyler from Revenge Season 1? You don't? Bask in this amazing smize of Nolan's and go watch Revenge online.

18. Tech-savvy Nolan Ross - Revenge

Tech-savvy Nolan Ross - Revenge
Nolan Ross has made millions many times over by relying on the one thing that never lets him down: technology. We all wish our best friend was a hacker.

19. Thumbs Up Nolan - Revenge

Thumbs Up Nolan - Revenge
Or thumbs to the side. Whatev. Is anyone else singing "to the left, to the left" right now or is that just me?

20. Focused Nolan - Revenge

Focused Nolan - Revenge
Nolan Ross is totally having a "woosah" moment to calm himself before pulling off some kind of scheme with Emily Thorne.

21. Bye Bye Nolan - Revenge

Bye Bye Nolan - Revenge
Bye bye to you too, Nolan. At least until Revenge Season 4 Episode 15 airs on Sunday night.

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