23 TV Hunks with Scrumptious Facial Hair

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There's just something about a man with facial hair. Maybe it adds a certain depth to him. Maybe it adds mysteriousness in the sexiest kind of way.

It could a full blown beard or a little bit of stubble, all we know is we find it irresistible.

Check out our list of TV Hunks with Scrumptious Facial Hair and let the drooling begin!

1. Martin Riggs - Lethal Weapon

Martin Riggs - Lethal Weapon
This guy is doubly dangerous. Not only does he rock the mustache, he's got super sexy hair that makes him even more lovable. We wish he'd keep that smile on his face every day.

2. Doc Holliday - Wynonna Earp

Doc Holliday - Wynonna Earp
We can never tear our eyes from the screen when Doc Holliday is on it. There's a certain something about him that just makes us tingle all over.

3. Joe "Bear" Graves - SIX

Joe "Bear" Graves - SIX
This guy is swoon worthy on so many levels. Give us a Navy SEAL with a sexy short beard any day. BTW, if you haven't seen SIX, you're missing a treat! Go watch it! Now!

4. Jack Pearson - This is Us

Jack Pearson - This is Us
This is the perfect man. He's a great husband and a great father. His goofy grin tucked inside a beautiful mass of facial hair makes us all warm and happy. Oh, and yeah being shirtless just adds to his sexiness.

5. Eli McCullough - The Son

Eli McCullough - The Son
South Texas is full of sexy men and this is one of them. Eli's cowboy hat accentuates that glorious peppered-gray beard of his. Ooh la la we say!

6. Mac "Quarry" Conway - Quarry

Mac "Quarry" Conway - Quarry
The 1970s produced many great things including giving us men with kissable mustaches.

7. Kyle West - The Arrangement

Kyle West - The Arrangement
Here's a perfect example of a little goes a long way. Kyle's soul patch and stubbly mustache help make him one of Hollywood's sexiest stars!

8. Fred Andrews - Riverdale

Fred Andrews - Riverdale
Archie's dad is the epitome of sexy. He's a laid-back construction guy who rocks the flannel and the beard!

9. Ragnar - Vikings

Ragnar - Vikings
A Viking in all his glory is the sexiest kind of Viking there is. Don't you love his perfectly groomed beard?

10. Joe MacMillan - Halt and Catch Fire

Joe MacMillan - Halt and Catch Fire
Lee Pace has brought such great conflicted growth to the character of Joe MacMillan on HACF and adding the facial hair was a beautiful (and sexy as hell) touch.

11. Harvey Bullock - Gotham

Harvey Bullock - Gotham
We love Donal Logue's scruffy beard. It fits Bullock's personality perfectly. He's the guy who makes Gotham so much fun!

12. Dylan - Bates Motel

Dylan - Bates Motel
Can we talk about Dylan? Hello??? We know you can't stop looking at that sexy...facial hair. The nicest guy in the world has the nicest facial hair around!

13. Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr. - Rosewood

Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr. - Rosewood
I think it's a prerequisite to have facial hair to fly right on Rosewood because everyone is following the lead of this man, affectionately known as Rosie. Morris Chestnut does the light beard very well, right? Yummy!

14. Bryan Mills - Taken

Bryan Mills - Taken
It might be little more than stubble, but between that and his particular set of skills, Bryan makes us swoon with desire.

15. Cole Lockhart - The Affair

Cole Lockhart - The Affair
Did we know Pacey Witter would grow into such an amazing man? One that could sport facial hair like Joshua Jackson does with his enigmatic, romantic and soulful character Cole Lockhart on The Affair? Mmmmm.

16. Mike Lawson - Pitch

Mike Lawson - Pitch
With the star player on Pitch's version of the San Diego Padres, Mark Paul Gosselear switched up the teeny bopper version of the guy we'd always known and became the man we never knew we wanted with Mark Lawson. Muscles and a full blown beard suit him well!

17. Joe Caputo - Orange Is the New Black

Joe Caputo - Orange Is the New Black
Let's face it, the dude is a prison warden in an all women's prison, so he's surrounded by ladies, but he's kind of a jerk, too. But he manages to get a lot of women. Is it the fact he's in a rock band or that he has a mustache, throwing off that special facial hair scent?

18. James Keziah Delaney - Taboo

James Keziah Delaney - Taboo
Perhaps it's because Tom Hardy created the character of James Delaney to suit himself so perfectly he's sexy as hell. His every word, his every move makes it impossible to draw your eyes away from him. And he has just the right smattering of facial hair to make you wonder what he's up to, too.

19. Rip Hunter - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Rip Hunter - DC's Legends of Tomorrow
We all know how much you love Rip Hunter. He's the best thing about Legend...at least his beard is. Rip is sexy and cool and quite James Bond looking here.

20. Lucious Lyon - Empire

Lucious Lyon - Empire
What really needs to be said here other than Lucious is luscious?

21. Oliver Queen - Arrow

Oliver Queen - Arrow
Everything about this man oozes sexiness, but his stubble is the sexiest of all! He can come and save us any day!

22. Jon Snow - Game of Thrones

Jon Snow - Game of Thrones
What would Jon Snow be without his facial hair? Unrecognizable, that's what. It just wouldn't be right.

23. Amenadiel - Lucifer

Amenadiel - Lucifer
Angels are to be revered and we can't help but revere Amendiel...but probably for the wrong reasons. Who cares?! Amenadiel is sexy as hell!

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