6 Shows TV Fanatics Want to See Saved

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Many TV shows are on the renewal bubble. These are the ones we'd like to see saved.

1. The Mentalist

The Mentalist
The Mentalist was a powerhouse on Thursday nights for four seasons and then CBS decided to move it to the worst timeslot possible, Sundays at 10. Or should I say 11, as its air time is frequently pushed off due to football overruns. It's a real shame as The Mentalist has enjoyed one of its most gripping and creative seasons. No show could do better with so much stacked against it. It definitely deserves a renewal for season 7...not to mention a better time slot. - Christine Orlando

2. Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast should be renewed because the story that started in Season 1 has yet to be told. Something went horribly awry in Season 2 but the strength of the actors and basics of the tale - the mythology, the relationships and the love - could be used to easily revive the magic and bring on new fans to an old classic. - Carissa Pavlica

3. Grimm

Grimm needs to return! All of the story arcs that have been slowly simmering in the background are beginning to come to the forefront. It would be a shame for NBC to cancel Grimm right when it's beginning to give long time fans everything we've been waiting for. - Nick McHatton

4. Almost Human

Almost Human
As a character-driven science-fiction show with heart, Almost Human fills the void left in Fringe's absence. Karl Urban, Michael Ealy, and Minka Kelly aren't so bad on the eyes, either. - Miranda Wicker

5. Hart of Dixie

Hart of Dixie
Bluebell isn't just a town that became a home for Zoe Hart, it became a place where fans fell in love with a small Alabama and it's residents. From shirtless Wade Kinsella to Lemon and her diabolical plans, there isn't anything about Hart of Dixie that isn't noteworthy. Whether it be love or heartbreak, each episode leaves you with a smile and that is worth saving. - Kate Brooks

6. The Tomorrow People

The Tomorrow People
While there’s no doubt that The Tomorrow People took a while to find its footing in its first season, there has been a lot of character growth in the past few episodes, as well as some nice shockers. If the show continues on this path, it could end Season 1 with an epic finale that will have fans begging for a Season 2. One suggestion for improvement in the second season would be to fast-forward and take Stephen out of high school, as he surely doesn’t belong there, and bring in a strong Big Bad. - Michelle Carlbert

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