9 Most Badass Breaking Bad Episodes

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Breaking Bad will likely go down as the greatest show of our time, if not any time. From 2008-2013, and over 62 episodes, the journey of Walter White was unlike any other experience in television history.

Some things on TV, and entertainment, and life in general, are overhyped. Thanks to Bryan Cranston, Vince Gilligan and everyone else who worked on it, Breaking Bad is not one of those things.

Here's a look at its nine most badass episodes.

1. Pilot

Much of Breaking Bad Season 1 was slow and methodical, more a means of laying a foundation for what was to come than a compelling drama in its own right. The pilot, however, set the stage for the journey of Walter White with what is still one of Breaking Bad's finest installments, and not just because it got the show picked up by AMC. From that insane opening scene in the RV to his cancer diagnosis, ride-along with Hank, half-naked cook-a-thon with Pinkman and the confrontation with the dealers that almost got him killed before he even began his rise to power, the transformation of Mr. Chipps into Scarface had begun.

2. 4 Days Out

4 Days Out
The belief that his death was imminent inspired a marathon cook session for Walt, and fans were treated to an episode spent almost entirely in or around the infamous, hideous, vintage '80s RV. Jesse continued to cause trouble for the unlikely partners, and the hour - like so many others on Breaking Bad - played out like Greek tragedy, with the audience knowing he'd left keys in the ignition and drained the RV's battery long before the characters. Stranded, cold and starving until Walt's knowledge of chemistry saved the day, "4 Days Out" had us on pins and needles amidst the backdrop of magnificent desert vistas that became the show's calling card.

3. Phoenix

The dominoes begin to fall in this terrific episode near the end of Season 2, when Walt delivers the inventory in time to Gus' drop spot, but misses his daughter's birth in the process. Jesse then confronts Walt about his share, but Walt refuses to disburse it. Jesse and Jane's addiction is discovered by her father, Donald, who meets Walt in a bar by chance. Later, after being blackmailed by Jane, Walkt returns to Jesse's to make amends and to help him, only to find Jesse and Jane passed out after a drug binge. He tries to shake Jesse conscious and as he does, Jane flops over onto her back, vomits and suffocates. In one of the first moments that signaled the monster he would become, Walt does nothing but watch her die.

4. Half Measures

Half Measures
In a gripping installment that set the stage for the Season 3 finale, Jesse unravels and became a ticking time bomb. The only question was who would be taken out when he went off, and how. After he realized that the dealers who killed Combo were selling their meth and using kids as soldiers, Jesse raged. Walt had Gus mediate, but this did nothing to assuage his despondent partner in crime when the kid died. In the climactic scene, Pinkman confronts the dealers, only to have Walt race to his rescue and run them over, jump out of his car, pick up a gun and shoot them dead, ordering Jesse to "run" as the screen fades to black and the audience gasped for breath.

5. Salud

Gus meets with cartel. Gus kills the cartel. Gus nearly kills himself with poison but survives, with an assist from resilient Mike and surprisingly resourceful Jesse. To see Gustavo Fring - the show's antagonist - execute a cutthroat plan so quietly, methodically and patiently against the people who killed his "Hermanos" partner made us cheer, which is not a small feat for a villain of such gravitas.

6. Face Off

Face Off
Gus walking out of Hector's room and fixing his tie - leaving fans thinking, if only for a second, that maybe he survived the blast engineered by Walt - made for the most vivid, awkwardly incredible TV character death of all time. But "Face Off" was an extraordinary episode from the start, and more fast paced than usual for Breaking Bad. Even though we knew it was coming, Gus' demise was epic and unforgettable, punctuated by Walt and Jesse setting the lab ablaze - and the revelation that Walt poisoned Brock all along to manipulate his former pupil.

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