Good Behavior: 22 Best Moments So Far

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Letty and Javier will be bringing the sexy back as America's favorite killer-thief duo when Good Behavior returns for its sophomore season

Dark, funny, and steamy, the first season solidified itself as a true guilty pleasure. It left fans craving more.

Check out our slideshow and relive some of Good Behavior's best moments from its first season. Then hit the comments and let us know if you agree with them.

Good Behavior Season 2 premieres October 15 at 10/9c on TNT.

1. Javier and Letty's Dinner Date

Javier and Letty's Dinner Date
Letty and Javier's dinner was memorable for so many reasons, one of which being the fact that it put the Jetty 'ship on the map. Their chemistry was undeniable as they sat across from one another both lying, but also, ironically, baring their souls in a way that both of them had never done. It was interesting watching as Letty started it off pretending to be a high school teacher working on a book and slowly stripped layers to reveal her real self as the night went on, and the same went for Javier.

2. Javier and Letty's Elevator Hookup

Javier and Letty's Elevator Hookup
Who can forget that sexy scene in the elevator? The pair gave a show like Grey's Anatomy a run for its money with a smoldering elevator scene that heated up the screen. Letty admitted to Javier that she lied about being a blond by removing her wig, and he admitted that he preferred brunettes, then proceeded to show her just how much.

If their entire dinner date wasn't enough to convince viewers of their insane chemistry, their steamy hookup in an elevator that carried over into a hotel room certainly did the trick. It was hard not to ship them from that point forward.

3. Letty Attempts to Save Javier's Next Hit

Letty Attempts to Save Javier's Next Hit
Letty often came across as selfish and disastrous. Despite being a grifter, addict, and thief, she had her own moral code that she followed. Murder was not on her list. She went to great lengths in an effort to save a woman whom Javier was hired to kill. It was a bold and incredibly brave moment for Letty, who, for all intents and purposes, was a human disaster.

4. Javier's Special Note

Javier's Special Note
When the truth was out, and Javier realized who and what Letty was, their relationship had a few rocky moments. For starters, he essentially kidnapped her. The lines of decency were blurry when Letty was being held until she paid off her debt, but Javier was genuinely concerned for her well being. The note he left the grifter posing as his wife not only gave us a glimpse of Javier's sense of humor, but also his care and concern for her. He didn't want her using or abusing any substances on his watch but made a two glasses of wine exception.

5. Letty Returns for Javier - The Tesla Episode

 Letty Returns for Javier - The Tesla Episode
OK, so the stand out moment was when Javier, who had been technically holding Letty hostage, had to trust her to leave and return to him after getting help for their car trouble. With a body in the trunk and her knowledge that he was a hitman responsible for said body, the risk was high. Letty could have called the authorities on him and/or abandoned him, but she came back for him. Something shifted in their relationship after that moment. But honestly, the entire episode often referred to as the "Tesla episode", was fantastic and one of the best of the season.

6. Estelle Defends Letty

Estelle Defends Letty
A significant part of the season was Letty and Estelle mending their relationship. It took a while before they reached that point, but Estelle often proved that when it comes to family, no one messes with hers but her. When Letty's childhood friend berated and insulted her, Estelle wasn't having any of it. It was refreshing to see that despite their differences Estelle is still protective of her daughter. It came as a shock to both the audience and Letty.

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