How I Met Your Mother Pics: What Almost Was...

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How I Met Your Mother's Ted Mosby has finally met the mother of his future children and we're thrilled for him but we just can't let the series end without taking a look back at all the women he'd met on his search.

Check out all of the girlfriends, hook-ups, and fiancee's as we list the 10 Most Memorable Almost Mothers.


1. The Slutty Pumpkin

The Slutty Pumpkin
Also known as Naomi and played by the adorable Katie Holmes, the Slutty Pumpkin haunted Ted for years. She was the girl who got away in season 1 after he lost her phone number and every Halloween, Ted would go to the same party dressed as a hanging chad in the hopes of finding her. It took until season 7 and the reality never quite lived up to the fantasy in his head.

2. Crazy Karen

Crazy Karen
Played by Laura Prepon, Karen is Ted's annoying college girlfriend and we're not sure what was worse. That she constantly cheated on him or that Ted mimicked her pretentiousness. Despite Lily's best attempts to break them up, Ted and Karen reconciled over and over again until Karen asked for the one thing that Ted wouldn't do. Give up his friendship with Lily.

3. Victoria, aka Buttercup, aka the Runaway Bride

Victoria, aka Buttercup, aka the Runaway Bride
Victoria and Ted's history was tumultuous. First he had to track down the mysterious Buttercup, then they broke up when Ted almost slept with Robin. Years later she was a runaway bride who asked Ted to deliver the Dear John letter but they called it quits for good when she told Ted he had to promise never to see Robin again. That's just wasn't going to happen.

4. Stella Zinman (Sara Chalke)

Stella Zinman (Sara Chalke)
Not only did Ted meet the beautiful dermatologist while getting his tramp stamp removed, they also had the brilliant "two-minute-date." On the down side, she did leave Ted at the altar at their wedding.

5. Zoey Pierson

Zoey Pierson
Played by Jennifer Morrison, there were plenty of sparks between Ted and Zoey and when her marriage to The Captain finally ended, we thought they had a shot. But when Ted had to decide between his dream of designing a skyscrapper or Zoey, his career won out.

6. Natalie (Anne Dudek)

Natalie (Anne Dudek)
Ted broke up with Natalie on her birthday. Twice! First over her answering machine with her friends listening as they gathered for her party. Then after winning her back, he realizes it's not going to work and he broke up with her again, this time in person. However it was unfortunate that he failed to remember it was her birthday once again.

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