Love Is In The Air For These TV Couples

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In this day and age, 'ships reign supreme. And lucky for us, there are a lot of worthwhile relationships to root for.

All relationships go through ups and downs, but when things are going right, and it's smooth sailing for your favorites, there's nothing better!

With so many relationships to choose from, we're focusing on the ones who soared above the rest, so come take a look at our list, then hit the comments, and tell us about your favorite A-list couples!

1. Bobby and Athena - 9-1-1

Bobby and Athena - 9-1-1
Bobby and Athena, or Bathena for short, remain the gold-standard relationship in the 9-1-1 universe. Since the two decided to go on that fateful date during 9-1-1 Season 1, their relationship has only strengthened over the years, as they truly know what it means to support and love one another unconditionally. Peter Krause and Angela Bassett’s effortless connection shines on screen, making them one of the sweetest couples on television.

2. Spencer and Alex - 1923

Spencer and Alex - 1923
Spencer, a war veteran and big game hunter, and Alex, an engaged socialite, were worlds apart socially and should have never fallen in love. Still, they caught each other's eye across crowded rooms in Africa, and when Spencer began driving away, Alex dropped everything to go with him. Their pull to each other was all-encompassing, their passion electric. What follows is a breathless love affair set across some of the most dangerous scenarios ever introduced to love. But charging elephants, hungry lions, ghost ships, and angry, volatile little men will never tear them apart, no matter how hard they try.

3. Jack and Elizabeth - 1923

Jack and Elizabeth - 1923
Yes, there is a lot of love in the air on 1923, and Spencer's nephew Jack has fallen hard for another girl seemingly out of his league. Elizabeth has a strong love for Jack, and she chooses him and his over her family. When they both lose their parents, their bond strengthens, and although tough times have a way of finding the Dutton family, we believe these two are so firmly planted in each other's corner that their love could survive an apocalypse.

4. Lucy and Tim - The Rookie

Lucy and Tim - The Rookie
Back when Officer Bradford was Lucy’s training officer, it was difficult to imagine the two of them ending up as partners of the romantic variety. But fast forward just a few short years, and we wonder how anyone couldn’t see that Chenford was perfect for one another from the start. Tim and Lucy have always been there for one another, from Lucy helping him study for his sergeant’s exam to Tim pulling her out of the air-tight barrel Caleb buried her in. But the list goes on and on. The moment Tim asked Lucy out on a date, we knew they’d both be in this for the long haul, and we couldn’t be happier.

5. Carlos and T.K. - 9-1-1: Lone Star

Carlos and T.K. - 9-1-1: Lone Star
We got a lovely 9-1-1: Lone Star wedding, which was truly one for the ages. Carlos and T.K. have been through so much, from breakups to tragedy, but their love for one another has always found a way. Seeing it all culminate in a beautiful ceremony was the icing on the cake, and we can’t wait to see how their relationship continues to grow as they navigate their new reality as a newlywed couple.

6. Judd and Grace - 9-1-1: Lone Star

Judd and Grace - 9-1-1: Lone Star
The Ryder’s are truly the definition of couples goals. A team through and through, these two share a bond and love that allows their relationship to thrive, even when obstacles are thrown their way. Above all else, these two respect one another, and they always look out for the other. Judd will defend his wife to the ends of the earth, and Gracey always lets Judd know how much he is loved. They are an absolutely beautiful couple we feel privileged to see!

8. Charlotte and George - Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

Charlotte and George - Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story
This romance is the blueprint, and frankly, we don't know how we'll ever just go back to regular Bridgerton after falling so effortlessly for the love story of the ages. Their love was and is iconic. The Great Experiment that broke barriers and our hearts as George battled mental health issues, and Charlotte was endlessly devoted to him. Their chemistry can't be matched, lulling you into their love bubble to reveal the rawness of true, imperfect, messy, beautiful love. They are no doubt the best romance of the season.

9. Simone and Lucas - Grey's Anatomy

 Simone and Lucas - Grey's Anatomy
It didn't seem possible for a series nearly two decades in could recapture some of the magic and even the romance of its first season, but Simone, a new semi-Meredith- like intern, and Lucas (Derek Shepherd's nephew) have managed to provide us with an addictive new love story that's as compelling as Merder. Simone and Lucas have electric chemistry that thankfully culminated into one of the sweetest and sexiest love scenes in the finale after an entire season of flirting, angst, and heated moments. They bring out a fire in each other personally and professionally, and they'll remain a love story worth watching.

10. Carina and Maya - Station 19

Carina and Maya - Station 19
This season of Station 19 somehow managed to re-deliver on one of their primary love stories by having this married couple utterly fall apart seemingly beyond repair at the beginning of the season and then spend the rest of it working through respective issues, developing healthy communication and more before finding their way back to each other in the hottest and healthiest way imaginable. And honestly, we appreciate how they pulled off a slow burn within an actual marriage and showed that married couples are far from boring.

11. Pope and Cleo - Outer Banks

Pope and Cleo - Outer Banks
Pope and Cleo were the sleeper ship and arguably the most interesting one to watch throughout the season as they went from finding members of the No Love Club to finding love with one another. Cleo brought out the confident side of Pope and balanced him out, and Pope provided Cleo with a home and a sense of belonging and family. And they both provided us with the most endearing romance among the Pogues.

12. JJ and Kiara - Outer Banks

JJ and Kiara - Outer Banks
It was seasons in the making, let the shippers tell it, but JJ and Kiara finally took the next step progressing their friendship from that to something more. The season showcased the lengths that both would go for one another, from heroic rescues to subtler, quieter moments as both worked through the fear of what it means to love each other and just gave in. Long live, Jiara!

13. Jay and Nikki - Alert: Missing Persons Unit

Jay and Nikki - Alert: Missing Persons Unit
Yeah, we KNOW that Nikki and Mike are supposed to be the main couple here and that maybe they're on the path toward marriage or something. But somebody needs to tell that to Scott Caan and Dania Ramirez's chemistry because ex-spouses but current partners Nikki and Jay are giving us all the romantic feelings all the time. So we're cheating with this one. Sorry, not sorry.

14. Conrad and Billie - The Resident

Conrad and Billie - The Resident
We started the season with Conrad and Cade, but as it progressed and the love triangle grew more pronounced, it was evident that Conrad and Billie would be the endgame for this series. The two slowly came to grips with their feelings for one another amid being close colleagues, confidantes, raising Gigi, and more. And while their path to one another was messy, scandalous, and not without some controversy, we were treated with a satisfying love story to close out the series and comfort in knowing that Conrad and Gigi could find happiness again after Nic's death.

15. Kit and Randolph - The Resident

Kit and Randolph - The Resident
In the Resident's final season, we were treated to the heartfelt wedding we had been waiting for. Dr. Bell became a better person because of Kit Voss, something he included in his wedding vows, and she softened around him too. Seeing their wedding and them as a married couple was the best part of the 6th season of The Resident.

16. Kim and Adam - Chicago PD

Kim and Adam - Chicago PD
After endless on and off again antics, even after co-parenting a child and basically living together, we FINALLY made some progress on the romantic front for Burzek. Ruzek has been Kim's rock through her battle with PTSD and has matured beautifully, becoming a loving family man and father. And Kim finally let him in and saw that he's always been the man for her. Their steamy romantic reunion was well worth the wait.

17. Spencer and Olivia - All American

Spencer and Olivia - All American
Even when Spencer and Olivia broke up in the Season 5 premiere, they spent so much time in each other's orbit, and the chemistry and connection remained. It took most of Season 5, but when they danced together for Olivia's talent show, it was obvious to everyone that their feelings still existed. Spencer just had to admit to Olivia that he wanted her back before she went to London, and they lost their chance.

18. Jordan and Layla - All American

Jordan and Layla - All American
While Jordan and Layla may be the second couple of the series, their arc has been just as important, and their chemistry just as palatable. The twosome attempted to hide their romance from their friends, but their connection was too strong that everyone guessed the truth. These two grew closer after Billy died, and now Jordan wants his happily ever after. Hopefully, Jordan and Layla will actually get married in All American Season 6.

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