Manifest: The Major is Unmasked as a New Player is (Finally!) Introduced

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It was game time on Manifest Season 1 Episode 12 as Grace and Ben teamed-up to save their son, Cal, before a shady government entity, run by a woman calling herself The Major, could get their hands on him. 

By now, Manifest fans know that to take two steps forward, we have to take a few steps back.

The more answers we get, the more questions arise.

We may have been given more pieces to the puzzle, but we don't have a more definite answer as to the mythology. 

We know who is pulling the strings, but we don't know why. 

And on top of the current mystery, a new player has been added to the fold, and we're not sure where he stands on the "good guy" scale just yet.

Zeke has only been on our horizon for a few minutes, but he already posed the question we have been asking all season long, "Guys, what's going on here?"

Here are some of the most significant revelations from "Vanishing Point.”

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1. Grace Sees the Light

Grace Sees the Light
Grace is finally getting looped in, but man, it's almost like blaming Ben for her shortcomings and failures is in her blood. When Ben finally filled her in on everything about Flight 828 -- the callings, the visions, the Major -- all Grace did was complain that he left her out of the loop. From what I remember, Ben tried to clue her in at the hospital when Cal was first experiencing a connection to the missing passengers, and she flat-out called him crazy. She didn't want to hear his theories or even acknowledge that maybe he was onto something.

And then she dares to blame Ben for Cal's disappearance on her watch. The nerve. Hopefully, now that she finally understands how much Ben sacrificed and even experienced her first calling alongside Ben and Mic, she can start appreciating his efforts. Oh, and thanks for the van, Danny.

2. Cal Can See the Future

Cal Can See the Future
It isn't new information that Cal can see things before they happen, but I was thoroughly impressed with the detail and accuracy of his maps. This kid really is special. He was also able to take a Greyhound bus, catch a ride with some dude from the gas station, and pack a mean survival kit.

3. The Major Didn't Kidnap Cal

The Major Didn't Kidnap Cal
Okay, so the good news is that neither Autumn nor the Major were responsible for kidnapping Cal. In a shocking twist, Cal left on his own accord to chase down his most vivid calling. This doesn't excuse the Major, but I find comfort in knowing she has absolutely no idea what Cal is capable of or what his visions entail.

4. Autumn Goodbye

Autumn Goodbye
Autumn has been a significant piece of the puzzle, no pun intended. She was the mole that was unwillingly helping the Major, and when Mic found out, she was not pleased. You do not want to get on Mic's bad side. It turns out, the Major was dangling Autumn's birth daughter over her head this whole time, which explains why she did whatever the government asked of her. Mic agreed to hand over details about her daughter's whereabouts for the ripped page in Cal's journal, which lead Ben and Grace to his cabin. Sadly, I don't think Autumn will survive much longer now that the Major knows she lied to them.

5. Blizzard Vision Explained

Blizzard Vision Explained
No, Mic didn't have a vision that she was somewhere in the Midwest during the first blizzard of 2019. The snow, the frigid temps, and the man calling out "find her" were all part of a bigger plot twist. Cal shared the same vision, which is what led him to the cabin and thus, Zeke. But why? Everyone in the cabin is equally as confused as to why both Cal and Mic experienced visions of a hiker that had absolutely nothing to do with Flight 828.

6. Zeke's Stuck in 2017

Zeke's Stuck in 2017
Well, I did not see this coming! After unfreezing from his hypothermia, Zeke admitted to having visions of Mic which helped him survive a snowstorm and allowed him to hike back to safety. He credits clutching a magazine photo that gave him hope, but he's surprised to see her standing in front of him since she died in the plane crash. That's when Ben and Mic realize that Zeke's alleged "two-week" hike took place last year in 2017.

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Manifest Season 1 Episode 12: "Vanishing Point"
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