Once Upon a Time Photos from "Quiet Minds"

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Check out these photos from Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 15.

It looks like "Quiet Minds" will be quite the hour!

1. Is David Sharing the News

Is David Sharing the News
Is David sharing the news about Rumpelstiltskin being alive or Neal returning to town on Once Upon a Time?

2. Is David Warning Mary Margaret

Is David Warning Mary Margaret
Or is David trying to warn Mary Margaret not to put so much trust into Zelena considering they have no memory of ever meeting her.

3. Making Herself at Home

Making Herself at Home
Zelena has certainly made herself right at home in Storybrooke. She's even showing up with the groceries.

4. A Huge Smile

A Huge Smile
Is Zelena the cause of the huge smile on Mary Margaret's face? She's certainly been quick to trust a complete stranger.

5. Can You Trust That Juice

Can You Trust That Juice
In Storybrooke you can't even trust that a glass of orange juice is just a glass of orange juice.

6. Their Second Chance

Their Second Chance
This baby is David and Mary Margaret's second chance to be parents again, from the start. But with everything that goes wrong in Storybrooke, will they ever get the chance?

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