Once Upon a Time Photos: "The Jolly Roger"

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Check out these photos from Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 17.

Get an idea now of what "The Jolly Roger" has in store.

1. Not Going Well for Ariel

Not Going Well for Ariel
Things don't seem to be going well between Ariel and Hook on Once Upon a Time. "The Jolly Roger" is the 17th episode of the show's third season.

2. Ariel Looks Devastated

Ariel Looks Devastated
Ariel looks devastated but Hook is smiling. The pirate seems to have the upper hand on Once Upon a Time.

3. Hook Has a Plan

Hook Has a Plan
If Black Beard has stolen the Jolly Roger, we certainly hope that Hook has a plan to get it back.

4. Black Beard

Black Beard
Is that Black Beard in the background and is he the reason that the Jolly Roger is missing?

5. Not Sure What We Like More

Not Sure What We Like More
We're not sure what we like more about Hook's look. The sword, the hook or the awesome full length leather jacket.

6. Ariel's Sneaking Around

Ariel's Sneaking Around
Is that the Jolly Roger or another ship that Ariel is sneaking around on? We're fairly sure that no good comes of this.

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