Once Upon a Time Season 7: Everything We Know!

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Once Upon a Time Season 7 will feel like a whole new show in the aftermath of several key character exits. 

Some old characters will stick around, but there will be plenty of new additions to keep us entertained as the series stages a reboot of sorts. 

We've detailed everything we know about the show's upcoming season below for you!

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Once Upon a Time returns October 6 on ABC!

1. A New Location

A New Location
The action will move from Storybrooke to Hyperion Heights in Seattle and it will follow an adult Henry Mills who is shocked by the arrival of his daughter in a similar fashion to how the pilot kicked off.

2. Old Characters With New Faces

Old Characters With New Faces
Multiple past characters will return as new iterations of the characters. The most notable, of course, is a brand new Alice who will be played by Rose Reynolds, so that should be fun.

3. A New Cinderella

A New Cinderella
Dania Ramirez is on board as the new Cinderella and she will have a child with Henry.

4. A New Curse Awakens

A New Curse Awakens
A new curse will give all of the returning characters new personas. That means we will not see much of Regina Mills. But, we will get to see the Evil Queen.

5. Emma Will Be Back

Emma Will Be Back
Jennifer Morrison is back for one episode that will close off her arc, but there are no details on what it means for her and Hook since Colin O'Donohue is sticking around.

6. A Belle Check-Up

A Belle Check-Up
We will find out what became of Belle in an early episode of Once Upon a Time Season 7 as Emilie de Ravin is slated to appear in one episode.

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