Revenge Photos: Who Will Die?

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With the Revenge Season 3 finale looming near, we review which character death will drive Emily Thorne to tears.


1. Jack Porter

Jack Porter
Jack's death would definitely drive Emily to tears. He's her childhood love and knowing that he and Amanda's baby son would end up an orphan could make all of us cry.

2. Margaux Le Pascal

Margaux Le Pascal
Would Emily cry for Margaux? Maybe, if she knew that Jack was once again losing someone he loved.

3. Victoria Grayson

Victoria Grayson
Tears? Well, perhaps tears of joy because we can't imagine Emily shedding anything else if her mortal enemy found an untimely end. However she might be a little disappointed if she didn't have a hand in it herself.

4. Charlotte Grayson

Charlotte Grayson
Emily and her half-sister have never been particularly close and since Declan died last season, Charlotte hasn't had much to do other than dabble in her parents' affairs. Charlotte's demise wouldn't make us happy but we doubt we or Emily would need a Kleenex to get through it.

5. Aidan Mathis

Aidan Mathis
If Emily's current on again / off again love interest didn't survive the season it might just push Ms. Thorne right over the edge. We can only imagine the type of Revenge she'd be looking to inflict on the guilty parties.

6. Conrad Grayson

Conrad Grayson
Conrad's made more than his share of enemies. It would be easier to make a list of who wouldn't want to see him dead. Even though he's occasionally been nice to Emily, we'd be surprised if his demise would drive her to tears.

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[to Margaux] Someone once told me it's our decisions that define who we are. Well, you've got a decision to make.