Scandal Photos from "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"

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Check out these pictures from Scandal Season 3 Episode 14.

Find out now what Olivia and company will be up to in "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang."

1. Olivia & Fitz Look Shocked

Olivia & Fitz Look Shocked
Olivia and Fitz look shocked. Is Cyrus sharing news about Sally or could it be something worse on Scandal?

2. An Odd Team

An Odd Team
This foursome makes quite the odd team but their main goal is to keep Fitz in the Oval Office on Scandal.

3. Is It Just Us?

Is It Just Us?
Is it just us or does Mellie look like she could use a hug? Could Andrew be called upon for that mission?

4. Abby Looks Concerned

Abby Looks Concerned
Abby looks concerned. Is it about David or one of the other gladiators? "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" is the 14th episode of the show's third season.

5. Putting On a Show

Putting On a Show
Fitz and Mellie always know how to make it look like they are a happily married couple on Scandal.

6. Underestimating His Opponent

Underestimating His Opponent
Has Fitz underestimated just how much of a threat Sally will be to his hopes to remain the President?

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