Scandal Season 5: What to Expect from Whom

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Fitz and Olivia will give it a real go on Scandal Season 5, this much we know.

What else can we expect from the craziest show on television? What other twists and turns does Shonda Rhimes have up her suspenseful sleeve?

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, let's take a look below at what's in store for each main character...

1. Olivia

Rhimes says that Olivia will finally be with Fitz, but will also find that "every single thing about her life has changed in unexpected ways." GULP.

2. Fitz

Fitz will be "fighting for himself" after giving Mellie the boot from The White House, Rhimes teases, adding: "With the opportunity to have Olivia by his wide, he's actually becoming the man we all need him to be.

3. Abby

No First Lady in the White House? Hmmm... Rhimes says Abby will learn how to "wield her power."

4. Jake

With Olivia having chosen Fitz, Rhimes says Jake "goes on a journey that might destroy everything." So no big deal or anything.

5. Quinn

Quinn will be working toward becoming "a leader," considering the questionable future of OPA on Season 5.

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