The Big Bang Theory: The Evolution of Penny's Style

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How has Penny's style on The Big Bang Theory changed throughout the show's eight seasons? Check out the photos below to see for yourself!

1. Season 1

Season 1
Penny sports a blue v-neck top and bangs.

2. Season 1 -- Bangs

Season 1 -- Bangs
Penny wears dark pink and shorter bangs.

3. Season 2

Season 2
Penny remains casual with bangs pulled back.

4. Season 3

Season 3
Penny wears a high ponytail and her Cheesecake Factory uniform.

5. Season 3 -- Pigtails

Season 3 -- Pigtails
Penny wears a blue tank top and messy pigtails.

6. Season 4

Season 4
Penny's hair in Season 4 is long and straight.

7. Season 4 -- Cheesecake Factory

Season 4 -- Cheesecake Factory
Penny wears her hair down and sports her Cheesecake Factory uniform.

8. Season 5

Season 5
Penny wears her hair loose with a green top.

9. Season 6

Season 6
Penny wears loose pigtails and a pink button-up top.

10. Season 7 -- Buns

Season 7 -- Buns
Penny wears a bright top and buns on top of her head.

11. Season 7

Season 7
Penny wears a tank top and layers in her hair.

12. Season 8 -- Short Hair

Season 8 -- Short Hair
Season 8 brings a career change for Penny, and a drastic change in her hair.

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