To the Boy We Loved Before: 46 Times Noah Centineo Dazzled Us On The Fosters!

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Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you know that Noah Centineo has become the internet's new boyfriend

People have fallen in love with the actor just as much as the character Peter Kavinsky on Netflix's hit rom-com To All the Boys I've Loved Before. Noah Centineo is being hailed a breakout star and Netflix's newest sensation, but long-time fans of the late The Fosters are in awe of this craze. Not because we don't understand it but because we already knew how awesome he is. 

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If it sounds like I'm saying Foster Fanatics loved Noah Centineo before it was cool, it's because I am. The Fosters wrapped up its final season after five glorious seasons. Cut us a little slack if we're mystified that the Internet's newest obsession was right there on a criminally underrated The Fosters since he was recast as Jesus and replaced Jake T. Austin at the end of the third season. 

Amazing and endearing performances are nothing new for Noah Centineo. There are three years worth of them on The Fosters. So, here's a list of times in which he dazzled us on The Fosters. Warning, there will be spoilers for the series!

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If you want to experience him as Jesus Foster, you can watch The Fosters online here via TV Fanatic. You can also check out The Fosters Reviews

Are you a long-time Noah Centineo fan or a Peter Kavinsky convert? Who do you love more Peter Kavinsky or Jesus Adams - Foster? Hit the comments! 


1. When He and Mariana are Adorable Twins

When He and Mariana are Adorable Twins
Any and every positive moments where the twins are adorable in all of their twin glory are great scenes, especially for Jesus. No offense to Mariana, but she's a lot to deal with, and he often has his hands full with her. He doesn't hesitate to let her know how much she gets on his nerves, but he also dotes on her and gives her the perfect gifts and loves her unconditionally.

2. Jesus and Jude Feels

Jesus and Jude Feels
Over the years, Jesus and Jude's relationship was a special one because they were forced to share a room together. In a way, they embodied the antagonistic brothers who get on one another's nerves. Even moms were touched when the two of them fought and bickered because it meant they instantly accepted one another as brothers. There was nothing but love there regardless.

3. When He Put His Height to Good Use

When He Put His Height to Good Use
There was a brief period of time when fans were caught off guard by how physically different Noah Centineo was from his predecessor, Jake T. Austin. The show took it and ran with it, though. Some of the most subtle but adorable moments, especially for those of us who are vertically-challenged, are when Jesus put his height to good use. Jake giving Lexie a boost? A precious moment that fanned the flames of Jesus/ Noah fangirling. See also anytime the more affectionate Jesus hugged anyone smaller than him.

4. When He Confessed His Feelings for Emma

When He Confessed His Feelings for Emma
Emma and Jesus had a back-and-forth relationship where they were teammates and friends, but also friends-with-benefits. Despite being a bit girl-crazy, Jesus was very romantic, and he wanted to go all in with Emma. He finally broke down and told her how he felt.

5. When He Couldn't Find Mariana During a Crisis

When He Couldn't Find Mariana During a Crisis
One of the most terrifying hours of The Fosters was when Jesus' friend (and Mariana's ex-boyfriend) wandered the halls with a loaded weapon. All of the kids were accounted for except for Mariana, and Jesus was the most visibly shaken up about the disappearance of his twin during such a scary time. It was one of the most emotional moments of the series for his character, and as usual, Noah Centineo sold every ounce of terror and concern.

6. When He Supported His Moms

When He Supported His Moms
How many times can a couple get married and renew their vows? Lots. Jesus was the most excited about Stef and Lena renewing their vows again on a whim, and it only proved that he secretly was the hopeless romantic out of the bunch. He tried to act cool, but the guy was a sucker for love, and we're a sucker for him because of it.

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