Alisha Wainwright

Alisha Wainwright Quotes

Clary: Okay, I have kinda a personal question for you.
Maia: Go for it.
Clary: What happens to your clothes when you, you know...
[She does wolf claws with her hands]
Maia: Wolf out?
Clary: Yeah.
Maia: Nothing good. I’ve shredded some of my cutest outfits that way. It’s kinda wolf protocol to stash pairs of pants all over town.
Clary: Smart. Have you ever tried spandex?
Maia: Have you ever seen a wolf in spandex? It’s horrifying!
Clary: Well, my deepest condolences to your wardrobe.

Maia: Well, there wouldn’t have been a whole ceremony about it if it didn’t do something.
Simon: What if the ceremony was just for her to get my blood? And now she’s making some mutant Daylighter fern?
Maia: [Sighs] Yeah, you might be onto something there.
Simon: Look, the point is, even if you could find out what the Seely Queen did to me, then what? Kiss my boo boo and make it feel better?
Maia: Maybe...
[She kisses him]
Simon: It’s actually to the left.
[She kisses his top left forehead]
Simon: Here.
[He points to his left cheek and she kisses it]
Simon: Here.
[He points to his lips]
Maia: Now you’re just stealing moves from Indiana Jones.
Simon: I did learn from the best.
[They kiss and make-out]