Jason George

Jason George plays Otis Cole on Off the Map.

George has been a series regular on such hit television shows as the UPN half-hour comedy "Eve," the DreamWorks/WB series "Off Centre" and the one-hour drama "Platinum." In the past few years he was a series regular on the JJ Abrams/ABC series "What About Brian" and ABC's "Eli Stone," opposite Johnny Lee Miller, Victor Garber and Loretta Devine, and more recently was a recurring guest star on ABC's "Eastwick" and "Grey's Anatomy."

George's feature credits include Paramount's "Clockstoppers," Screen Gems' "Three Can Play at that Game" and, most notably, the MGM comedy "Barbershop," directed by Tim Story, starring alongside Anthony Anderson, Ice Cube, Sean Patrick Thomas and Cedric the Entertainer.

Born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA, George majored in rhetoric and communication studies at the University of Virginia and later honed his craft earning an MFA from Temple University's theater department. He starred in U.S. poet laureate and Pulitzer Prize winner Rita Dove's epic drama, "The Darker Face of the Earth," in Los Angeles, a relocation of Sophocles' tragedy "Oedipus Rex" to a South Carolina cotton plantation in 1820 which received accolades from the Los Angeles Times and The Hollywood Reporter.

George currently lives in Los Angeles. He serves on the Board of Directors for Temple University's School of Communication and Theater as well as the National and Los Angeles board of the American Federation of Television & Radio Artists.

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Otis Cole Off the Map

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Practicing tropical medicine in a third-world country is a different game... You don't have high tech, you don't have big pharma - you have your brain, you have your instincts.


They don't give a crap about the work. They're just padding their resumes with a little third world do gooding.