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Marj Dusay has a unique name.

She rejoined the cast of Guiding Light in December 2002 in the role of Alexandra Spaulding. The role of Alex, which she had previously portrayed from September 1993 to March 1997 and from 1998 to 1999, garnered her a 1995 Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Actress.

Dusay, an avid golfer, served as the Kansas Film Commissioner from 1984-98 and is still active in the organization’s efforts to bring the film world to her home state of Kansas.

She was born in Russell, Kansas, and is the second of six children in an Irish/Bohemian family.

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Alexandra Spaulding Guiding Light

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Harley: Did you buy or seel any small countries today?
Gus: No, that's tomorrow at 4.

Thank you. My favorite kind of food - the kind that sweats in the bag before you open it.