CMBB Sneak Peek: Almost-Dead Man Walking!

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Imagine being buried alive.

Now imagine digging your way out of your shallow grave.

You'd be awfully happy, right?


That guy up there? He isn't going to be too happy about making his particular journey out of the great beyond, at least not according to Matt's theory in our sneak peek below.

On Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Season 2 Episode 11, the IRT is called the blue mountains of Jamaica after the body of an American singer is discovered there.

Matt's theory is the almost dead guy above crawled his way out of a shallow grave and killed the singer as a part of his harrowing journey.

Considering the title of the hour is "Obey," it makes me wonder if the almost dead guy was programmed in some way to do things the rest of us wouldn't consider.

Was he "killed" and buried as a way to stop him? 

If so, that's a pretty bad plan gone awry. And if I'm right, then I may be the best solver of all mysteries ever because anyone who could solve such a case based on a 54 second clip and a title would have to be pretty amazing, right?

Let's make this one as fun as it is strange! Drop your theories about the almost dead man in the comments below.

Don't be shy! 

Make sure to watch at 10/9c only on CBS to find out what on earth is up with our grumpy survivor.

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Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Season 2 Episode 11: "Obey"
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