Criminal Minds 150th Episode Promo: "Unknown Suspect"

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How does a creepy song play a role on this episode of Criminal Minds? Check out the official promo for "Unknown Suspect" for the answer.
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Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 12: "Unknown Suspect"
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Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

Garcia: At 7:36 he loaded an mp3 via USB drive, played it and promptly deleted it. Cleared the history so he could cover up his tracks.
Agent Morgan: The Un-Sub brought his own music to an abduction?
Garcia: Yes he did, and that is creepy.

Agent Prentiss: Vanessa Campbell and her husband moved to a new address. They put locks on the doors, they took precautions. She even knew what to do if she was dosed again and it still wasn't enough. That's what he gets out of it.
Agent Hotchner: Their fear. He wants them to know that no matter what, he can still get to them.