Game of Thrones Promo: Who Will Die?

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Winter is here. 

After seven seasons, it looks like Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 will find Jon Snow and his squad in the biggest battle of the series. 

War Is Here - Game of Thrones

Yes, they are finally going head-to-head with the walkers, and more importantly, they are outnumbered for the fight. 

With Thoros of Myr there, will he be able to bring Jon back to life if he dies?

The official teaser finds Beric speaking about just how severe the battle is going to be and that the walkers are the first and last enemy of the world. 

With that in mind, the battle goes ahead, and it looks like things are going to be very tense. 

Give Us a Smile, Jon - Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5

The group will need a miracle if they want all of them to make it out alive. Maybe Daenerys will appear with her dragons at the last second to help out. 

Despite what some may think, she does care for Jon and, of course, Ser Jorah. 

Would she be able to forgive herself if his greyscale was cured and he died shortly after? On top of that, it would be a good way to coerce everyone else in the Seven Kingdoms to follow her. 

If she gets rid of the walkers, she can genuinely achieve absolutely anything. 

I Want Answers - Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4

Meanwhile, there seems to be some more unrest at Winterfell between Arya and Sansa, but just how much of that will be down to Littlefinger's scheming?

Have a look at the full teaser below and return on August 20th for the review of the full episode. 

Who do you think will die in the battle?

Sound off below!

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6: "Beyond The Wall"
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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Thoros: You still mad at us, boy?
Gendry: You sold me to a witch.
Thoros: A priestess. I'll admit, it is a subtle distinction.
Beric: We're fighting a great war. Wars cost money.
Gendry: I wanted to be one of you. I wanted to join the brotherhood, but you sold me off... like a slave. Do you know what she did to me? She strapped me down in the bed. She stripped me naked.
The Hound: Sounds alright so far.
Gendry: And put leeches on me.
The Hound: Was she naked, too?
Thoros: She needed your blood.
Gendry: Yes, thank you. I know that.
The Hound: Could have been worse.
Gendry: She wanted to kill me. They would have killed me if it wasn't for Davos.
The Hound: But they didn't, did they? So what are you whinging about?
Gendry: I'm not whinging.
The Hound: Your lips are moving and you're complaining about something. That's whinging. This one's been killed six times. You don't hear him whinging about it.

Tormund: You're the one they call the dog.
The Hound: Fuck off.
Tormund: They told me you were mean. Were you born mean or do you just hate wildlings.
The Hound: I don't give two shits about wildlings. It's gingers I hate.
Tormund: Gingers are beautiful. We are kissed by fire. Just like you.
The Hound: Don't point your fucking finger at me.