Smallville Return Promo

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Smallville took two months off, but returns to the air with an episode title "Disciple." Check out this promo for it.
Smallville Season 9 Episode 10: "Disciple"
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Smallville Season 9 Episode 10 Quotes

Lois: I'm a little nervous. It was our first public outing as kind of like a couple.
Clark: Emphasis on "kind of." You wouldn't even let me help you with your coat.
Lois: I held your hand.
Clark: Only when you were taking hors d'oeuvres out of it.

Clark: You know, Lois, we could go back to the farm and take a walk. I could give you Clark Kent's tour of the galaxy.
Lois: Smallville... the only planet you know about is the one you read at the breakfast table.