The Foot in the Foreclosure Preview

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This is the official Fox promo for "The Foot in the Foreclosure." During the hour, Booth's grandfather makes an impression.
Bones Season 5 Episode 8: "The Foot in the Foreclosure"
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Bones Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Sweets: Uh, so, shall we go?
Hank Booth: You got room in your bicycle for my bag?

Angela: Booth must be cute with his grandpa, huh?
Brennan: His grandfather calls him shrimp. Booth seems to like it, which I don't understand.
Angela: Well, it's because it makes him feel loved, like when he actually was a shrimp.
Brennan: So the moniker is a sign of affection?
Angela: Very good, Brennan. You never had a nickname?
Brennan: Oh, no, just what Booth calls me; just Bones.