The Revenge Society Promo

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The promo from the Venture Brothers season four, episode five, "The Revenge Society," in which Phantom Limb attacks the Guild of Calamitous Intent under a new name.
Venture Brothers
Venture Brothers Season 4 Episode 5: "The Revenge Society"
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Venture Brothers Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Red Mantle: I've been piloting this bone-bag for like 73 years. I'm not giving it up to a talking pimple!
Dragoon: A talking pimple that can make you noogie himself!

Dr. Venture [outside the bathroom]: I have a list of inappropriate behavior. Number one: this! Don't do this!
Sgt. Hatred: What's number two?
Dr. Venture: Nothing. I don't have a number two. I don't even have a list. Get out of the bathroom!